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Hi, I'm new and I thought I'd do a little ranting.

Interesting how my life is supposedly 'coming together' and I'm still as negative as ever. I have a job I'm doing better in college(sort of) and I'm moving in 3 weeks(which I've looked forward to being able to do for a while. I'm still going into rages over simple stuff. I just can't be happy. Fuck life.
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February 19 2003, 10:37:40 UTC 15 years ago

Don't be such a whiny fucking bitch!
Grr. Whomever posted that comment above grrr to them. Now i'll have to make it so you have to be a member to post. oh well. THERE WE GO. THAT ANONYMOUS FUCKED IT UP FOR THE REST.

as to you, welcome :D . I hope you enjoy your stay in this community. I understand how you feel. Maybe you arent doing the right stuff? If we could fuck life, none of us would be virgins now would we..