Liz (sumonespeshul) wrote in tragicchaos,

My newest creation. Ahah. ahah. ahahahahahaha!

You call me a fucking poser.
Look in the mirror,
are you so sure now?

We all live in a world of posers
So what if im not fucking original
Are you?

You're surrounded by your friends and you all look the same.
At least i have the piss to dress how i want
Defy those who are in my vicinity.

Fucking posers. <.< >.> heh.
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Okay I have a rant.

Whats up with the word Poser? I hate it, and how people seem to like to use it and insult others with it. So what if someone dresses one way and acts another. There shouldnt be certain ways a person is limited to acting! They should just be themselfs.
I agree
i really like that
i know how you feel
i hate when all the original people are called "posers"
frankly, i think everyone is a bit of a poser

unless you make your own clothes lol, but thats fun

i like what you have to say, im gonna add you to my friends list, is that okay?
Of COURSE it's okay. just. you probably wont get much from what am i gonna say? no you fucking bitch stay the fuck away from me or im pressing charges? well. i suppose i could say that..but right. i too nice
too nice? haha ...

no you are nice lizzy.. just.. not too nice..

much love!
I hate when people pose but I never call ppl posers cause I think it's just as fucking stupid as being one