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I'm so sick of people killing themselves. And I hate losing friends, she didn't want to die, I know she didn't.

Well, anyway, here's a poem I wrote expressing my feelings.

=-Fallen Angel-=
the moon sets
as the nautalis rises
into the high and the light of the stone
speak to me
your the once fallen angel
damned to all evil
and darkness alone
but the light comes
on the wings of the dragon
flying across the foresaken Earth
I walk with you
to the edge of the cliff of what seems to be
the last time you'll breathe
so speak to me
your the once fallen angel
damned to all evil
and darkness alone
I can not stop
the fate that awaits you
the game of death has already begun
I've tried my best to guide and protect you
but you'd rather seek help
from a dull razor blade
your drops of blood morph into my tears
while I watch the rose bud blossom and grow
I will later use it
to place onto your grave
as a reminder to me
that I'm the friend that has failed you
so now your silenced and can not
speak to me
your no longer an angel
now your doomed to an eternal sleep
and lonely abyss
now I'm the one whos witnessed a tragedy
the weight of my best friend's suicide
will never be lifted from my shoulders
why? its because
its because
I was never there....

Tell me what you think of it...Oh, I'm new by the way.
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