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tragicchaos's Journal

Where the world falls apart, and doesn't get back
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A place to bring up topics you want to talkabout, meet new people, whine, complain, rant, rave, whatever! Get your thoughts seen by others and see what people have to think about what you have to say.

I've decided to make a few rules for this community..

* Instead of making a "Hi im...im 14 live in LA..etc" type post, start it with a rant baby! more like "I fucking hate being 14..." you get the picture..

* Absolutely NO quiz results to be posted.

* If you decide to post pictures about your bad hair day or fat ass, make sure there is no nudity, a cut tag it

Can't say I can think of any other rules at the moment, but I looove being in charge, so watch me add 'em like the world is gonna end! jk...don't leave no..NO, please don't leave...okay. Thank you! I LOVE YOU!
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